Born in Minnesota in 1969. Sierra Dante now enjoys sharing her time in St Pete Beach, Florida and Castlenaud-la-Chapelle, France. She has an educational background in visual arts, viticulture and a master's in architecture. She continually explores ways to express new found inspirations from dreams, nature and her travels through the magic of the canvas or lump of clay.
She approaches her work each day spontaneously in hopes of a joyful expression. Some days, she will adventure outdoors, working in Plein Air, trying to capture the light.  Other days, she'll work in the studio, painting or sculpting clay from her dreams. She benefits from sketching out ideas to provide a foundation to her work. Her art is characterized as allegorical, romantic and joyful expression of the natural world.

When painting in Plein Air, open acrylics is the medium that serves her well. In the Atelier, she prefers oils on canvas.  

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Sierra's Career:

L'atelier de Coeurdoré, Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France 2015 - present

Fine Art of Sierra Dante, St Pete Beach, FL 2002-present.

Ceramic Artist & Owner of Dante Vineyards, Guest Cottages & Art Studio, Napa, CA, 2003-2014.

Architect for Hummel Architecture, Boise, ID. 2000.


Sierra's Educational Path:

Plein Air Intensive in Joucas de Provence, FR, 2011.

Plein Air Intesive, Paris, Aix, Nice, Bordeaux, FR, 2009.

Figure & Portrait Intesive, Florence, IT, 2007.

Ceramics & Painting at Portland Community College, 2001-3.

Master's of Architecture, University of Idaho, 2000.

Bach. of Architecture, University of Idaho, 1998.

Minor of Art, University of Idaho, 1998.

Various Art Studies, San Diego Community College, 1994-6.

Various Art Studies, Brevard Community College, 1990-2.


Sierra's International Travels For Inspiration:

Provence, Paris and Bordeaux, France, 2009.

Salvador Dali's home and studio. Cadaques, Spain, 2009.

London Exposed (Museums, Broadway Shows, Galleries)1998,1999, 2007.

Sydney Opera House & Botanical Gardens Australia, 2007. New Year's Celebration.

Firenze, Umbria, Portofino, Venezia, Italy, 2007.

Chili & Argentina, South America, 1999.

Greece, 1998.

Rome, Italy 1997. 

Guadi's Works, Barcelona, Spain, 1997.

Musee D'Orsay, Musee D'Lorgaree, Le Louvre, Paris, France, 1995.

Chagall Museum & Studio, Nice, France, 1995.





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